DOJANg Etiquette

Know how to act when entering Chomic Combat Karate by following these guidelines.

Chomic combat karate

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All students and attendees of chomic combat karate are expected to follow these codes of conduct.

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class scheduled start time.

2. Salute the flags when entering, and leaving the Dojang, to include the training floor.

3. Avoid taking part in loud or controversial activities.

4. Students should remain silent during training, unless otherwise instructed by the instructor(s).

5. Quietly warm-up, and stretch prior to class. Do not disturb any class in session.

6. Do not chew gum or smoke/vape in the Dojang.

7. Keep uniforms neat, clean, and occasionally iron (least once a month and prior to competition). Wear your full uniform (Jacket ,Pants ,and Belt) every class and do not add any markings except those permitted by the WTSDA.

8. Students and instructor(s) should use Tang Soo Do terminology.

9. No eating or drinking (except water) in the training area of the Dojang.

10. Remove shoes prior to entering the training area.

11. Respect should be shown to instructors, and fellow students at all times.

12. Students/guests should always be well mannered, and behave properly.

13. Proper effort, and spirit should always be given in class (all out effort).

14. Parents reframe from coaching children during class.

15. Develop, and maintain a positive, well-disciplined attitude.

Chomic combat karate

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